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            Contact person:Maggie Liu

            Address:Zhengshang Road,Xushui Machining Processing Distric,Zhengzhou,Henan Province,China

            Corn mill machine

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            Corn Grit Milling Macahine

            This corn grit milling machine is the latest type to make high quality corn grit.
            It can remove corn skin, remove germ, root and hilum, and separate them to make bran for animal feed.
            It has grading function and final products will be 3 kinds: big size grit, small size grit, and fine corn flour.

            Advantage of Corn Grit Machine
            1.Unrivaled peeling efficiency and performance, removing corn skin, corn germ, root and black hilum, final
            output is in consistent color without any black dot. Corn grits are best in color and taste.
            2.You can adjust the Fineness wheel on the right of the machine to get any sizes of corn grits depending on
            different market.

            Welcome to contact us if you are insterested in the corn grit milling machine.